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Where is your Business with GenAI?

No GenAI in our office

We are failing to harness the full potential of GenAI, lagging behind our competitors, and inadvertently demoralizing our staff—during times of labor shortages.

GenAI anarchy

Some of us use free chatbots, while others have subscriptions to specific chatbots or services. This situation can lead to a compliance catastrophe. Additionally, individual subscriptions become expensive and create an accounting and administrative nightmare.

We have a GenAI vendor

We are safe, but we have no choice. It’s like having to ask the same friend all the questions I have. There are so many models on the market, with more being added frequently. Aren’t some of those faster, more accurate, more specialized, or with larger context sizes than the ones we are using?

How will help


Consult the model of your preference. Avoid vendor lock-in. keeps track of the market and offers you the best GenAI models, whether proprietary or opensource.


None of your chat data is used for training, nor is it stored (unless you use RAG)

Transparency provides information about what happens to your customer and chat data, always using plain language rather than legal jargon

User Convenience

A well-designed user interface, equipped with unique functionality, enables a smooth user experience and increases your productivity at work.

Backend Convenience

One invoice for your company, with a clear user management system.


Easy-to-read reports provide information about your company’s model usage, including details per model and per employee

European operates on European servers and complies with European legislation.

We’ll let you when we launch!

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